Monday, December 7, 2009

Long time no blog!

Holy Moly, its been forever since I've blogged....Sorry Jody True Who! A lot has happened to me since I've been on here but I ain't gonna talk about all of them cuz that'd would take all night! lol First off, most of you already know, but one of my cats a.k.a. Buttons has been sick for about a month now. She's been diagnosed with Kidney stones and we're trying treatment before we do surgery because surgery is dangerous, expensive and may not help her out in the long run anyway. So fingers crossed that everything turns out ok! She's only 3 for crying out loud! We are going to re-do her blood work and xrays at the end of this week, and I'm hoping for good results..... On to some better news! It's almost my 21st birthday! Yayer! I'm gonna be doing some drinking with my fellow co-workers, brothers and of course Warren at the bowling alley and the first drink I'm ordering is a............dun dun dun!!!! Bloody Freakin Mary! Boo yah! lol Jody True Who I wish you were still here in Oregon to spend my 21st with me! I'll be missin and thinkin bout ya!
Anywho, I'm all done here for now I guess. Hopefully I don't take as long to come up with another blog!! lol
Have a wonderful night everyone!