Monday, June 29, 2009

OHHH home! Home on the range!!! Where the deer and the antelope get SHOT! :)

Today on my day off my Dad had a grand idea to take me to the shooting range so I could learn to shoot one of his rifles. I must stress again that I was LEARNING. I've never really been one to shoot guns, my brothers always have but I usually just sat and watched and plugged my ears and rolled my eyes....never too interested. Sometimes I would shoot one or two just to make them happy but I never enjoyed myself. So needless to say not too much experience in handling or shooting guns....
However!!! Today was SOOO much fun! We got to set up different kinds of targets ranging from blown up balloons to regular bullseye targets to clay pigeons to playing cards. I have to admit I did pretty good. I really surprised myself. It helped that the gun dad chose for me to shoot had little if any kick so that helped my aim a lot. But anywho, my very first shot I actually got into the bullseye!! FIRST SHOT!!! Totally surprised! lol Then I moved on to popping all four balloons we had in a misses. :) And I almost hit the ace of hearts dead on. :) Pretty fun stuff.

The last picture is of my very first shot at about 25 yards. :) The middle picture is at about 50 yards and the ace was also at about 25 yards. Next time I'm going for the 100! :)
Soooo yeah can't wait for the next shooting expedition with Dad and hopefully Warren can go next time, too! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Present on my doorstep :)

Sooooo I get home from work this afternoon and I spot something in the bushes next to the staircase that leads up to my apartment. It's a lil kitten. :( I notice that it doesn't have a collar on and someone had put a water and food dish out for it. As soon as I bent down to look at it she ran right up to me meowing.... She was the CUTEST THING!!!!!!! I did notice that she was absolutely covered in fleas.... she looked miserable.
The first thing I did was went up to my apartment and called our apartment manager and left him a message. Then I went out to check on her again cuz I couldn't just ignore her when I knew she was down there all alone. :(
When I stepped out of my door I saw the lil bugger. :) She had climbed all the way up my staircase to my door and she tried running into my apartment!!!! I grabbed her and picked her up cuz I didn't want her around my two other cats in case she had something....(not to mention the fleas....ick) So I ended up putting her into one of my cat carries. And now I'm hooked. :) The first thought that went in my head was to go to Safehaven, but from working there in the past I knew this was major kitten season and they are ALWAYS full of cats so I knew I would waste my time going there.....and then I thought of my good ol' boss. I knew he would know what I could do.
Sooo I called him. :) He was absolutely helpful and sweet and said he'd meet me at the clinic later to take a look at her. I wasn't expecting that at all! I just wanted some advice on what to do! But of course he has such a good heart, even when he wasn't feeling very good he was willing to help me out. :) :) So as of now she's waiting at work and he's going to have her tested for FELV/FIV and if she's negative and healthy enough my parents are gonna get her everything she needs and they're gonna keep her!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! My parents are GREAT!!! I just called them to beg them to take her and I didnt even have to beg for that long!!! YAY!!! She's gonna have a good home! I'm so happy! And I'm glad I found her and she didn't get eaten or ran over or shot....or whatever.... Here are some pics I took of her sitting on my lap...Sadly most of the chewing and licking she is doing is because of her fleas....but I threw some Frontline on her so those should clear up soon! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Basketball Memories

This last Monday I got the chance to hang out with my old high school basketball coach, aka Grott and his "new" bball team. It's so funny that anytime we get the chance to see each other it's just like old times. :) Well, not exactly....back in high school I was usually on the receiving end of the jokes and now I get to join in with him as he makes fun of his new players. heheh MUCH better. :)
Just watching him coach his high school players and even getting the chance to shoot around with them and be used as an example for "good shooting form" lol was pretty cool. :) He had talked me up so much though that I was actually more nervous shooting then than I ever got while actually playing bball in high school...Sad I know...well that and I hadn't touched a bball in forever!!! lol
But yeah....being there at their basketball camp REALLY made me miss playing bball in high school......Well...not my senior year.....but we won't mention that......
Here are a few pics of me at State in Pendleton both my sophomore year and junior year and then some pics of my Central Linn Cobra team and I my sophomore year when we won the game to get us to State!! Boo-YAH!!!The top picture is of me my sophomore year....and with messed up but that other girl in the picture was HUGE!!!!!!! lol Let's not mention that we lost that game....uh hum....haha The second picture is my junior year....and I'm probably about to dribble off of my foot. :)After we won!!!! That was our first year of having our painted on Cobra!!! So it was fitting to lay on him after our victory,....haha I don't even know where I am in that pile.....
Me askin for the scissors so I could cut a piece of the net. I think I still have that somewhere....It looks like we only won by 2 points....thats a lil too close for my comfort....I can't even remember who we beat here....oh well
Wow....this brings back old team. :( This was some of the best memories of my life!!! I miss these girlys!!!!! This is minus my coach Grott.....
There he is! Lol Fun Fun year....I miss it....and I would do anything to be able to do it all over again. I'm totally comfortable with my decision of not playing college bball. It wouldn't have been the same as playing with these girls and playing for Grott. I do regret taking all of my bball years for granted. I miss them very much. Thank you guys for giving me some good high school memories!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Feast!

This Father's Day was spent literally stuffing my mouth with absolutely DELICIOUS foods!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
My dad bought a crap load of yummy foods and brought over his huge barbeque to cook it all on. :) We had HUGEEEEE steaks!!! Thick and juicy! :) hehe And yummy ass pork ribs marinated in two different kinds of sauce, and chicken thighs, and sausages and hot dogs, and these REALLY good jalepeno, mango sausages!! YUM!!! and Dad also made marinated mushrooms AND the whole family made a HUGE batch of potato salad. Lordy, how much food could 6 people need???? Lol But it was ALL soooooo good! I don't think I missed anything....haha
And of course we all had to try some of each of everything as soon as Dad walked in the door with it, so by the end of the night we were all WAAAYYYYY stuffed full of BBQ. But it was well worth it. :)
Sadly Mike was the only one out of the family who couldn't make it cuz he had to work.... :( but thankfully everyone else did! Including my Warren! :) It was a day full of laughter and just a good ol' time. :) I hope Dad really enjoyed it cuz it was all for him! He's an AMAZING cook and I know I can say I really appreciated him cooking all that yummy food! THANKS DAD!!!! Happy Father's Day again!!!
Wow....These pictures turned out really small....but uh if you can see them thats great!! lol This first picture is of my precious mommy holding the beginnings of our HUGE potato salad! This is Warren showing off his HUGE Mountain Dew bottle...... haha...yeah inside family joke... :)
This is my brother John.....and yes he is flexing his 6-pack........and holding two beer This is the beginning of his drinking He's a goober. :)

Ok....Don't ask me why these pics are bigger......I dunno....but I'll take it!!! Anywho, these pics are of my Dad and Bro John starting up the BBQ'ing. Yeah...don't ask me what they're doing in the second picture....being goofs. :)

Ugh!!!!!! This picture thing is starting to freakin annoy me!!!!!! You can't see all the yummy foods the way they should be seen!!!!! BIG!!!!! lol Anyway, the first is the lovely pork, the 2nd are all the weiners, then the mushrooms, potato salad and the STEAK!!!!!!!!

OK....I give up.....I'm gonna try to ignore it now.......THIS is my lovely goofy silly sweet wacky funny smart gorgeous mommy!!!!!!! Yes...holding a beer and laughing. :) She's always laughing. One of my favorite quirks about her. :) I love you momma!!!!
This is my oldest brother Robbie, or Bobbie, or Bob, or Boobie, or Boob. Yep. He seriously goes by Boob by a LOT of people who know him! lol He's a sweety too! :) I love my family!!! He's enjoyin some of that good ol' steak!Yep. You guessed it. This is War and I. :) My handsome man. At this point we're pretty darn stuffed. Taking a break from all that food!!!!! lol
Ok....ending on this This is later in the night when John John is feeling pretty good after his Coors Light. :) He had fun with the camera...this is just one of the many wacky pics he took of himself. I had to put one of 'em on here. :) Love ya John John you're a crack up!

Welp, it was a fun filled day! I'm glad we did it!!!! I love ya guys!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I give my LIFE to Orange Juice!!!!!!!!

This last week I haven't been feeling my usual cheerful, full of energy self! HA!! (yeah right??!!! Whoever really knows me knows I'm purty damn But honestly I had come down with some sorta cold this last week. The kind where you're laying up at night with snot dripping out your nose and having to sleep with Kleenex under your nose because you can't sleep otherwise. The kind of cold where the only way you can sleep is to pop some Nyquil pills!!! Which by the way ROCK!!!!! I love Nyquil when I'm sick! Lovely! I don't enjoy actually taking the capsules though cuz they're huge and they almost always get stuck sideways in my damn throat and I choke to death.....Don't appreciate that part too much.....
But the main part to this story is......that TADA!!!!!!!!!

Orange juice...........lovely stuff (whether it's real or Does wonders for me when I'm feelin the blues. I have probably drank about 4-5 of these suckers in the last few days and I honestly believe they have eased my suffering. :) Feel loads better!!! Thanks to Lovely Vitamin C!!!!!!!!! Oranges grow on a tree......then get plucked from that tree......then get squeezed.........and then get DRANK by ME!!!! YUM YUM!!!!!!!! I think I'ma go drink some more!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I LOVE YOU ORANGES!!!!!!!!! (my sinuses don't though! But who gives a damn???!!!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I never say this....but.......

Well, I'm actually gonna say I was proud of myself today. :)
Today was the first day that my Jody True Who is no longer an employee of my work.... :( :( Sad sad....and so a lot of her responsibilities have fallin' onto my shoulders. One of those responsibilities happens to be setting everything up for Dr. B's surgeries.
Usually I have my Jody True to ask questions, but today....I was on my own!!! AHHHH!!!! Watch out everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
But no, seriously, I was really proud and surprised of myself. I remembered everything and it was my 1st time setting up on my own for a horse surgery! Yayer!! It's a lot to
I found it very funny that once I had everything set of my "co-workers" came out finally and tried helping me set-up....but haha to her! I already had everything! :) Yes, Jody I'm talking about the same person you're thinking I am. :) haha
Anywho...I got a MUCH appreciated "good job" from Dr.B. That means a lot to me cuz I work my ass off for him and I really really appreciate it when he notices and acknowledges it. :)
So long story short, thank you Jody True Who for everything you taught me! And for teaching me the way Dr. B likes it! :) He knows it was all you who taught me! He said again today how he already misses you my dear. That place feels a lot different without our Jody True.
I love ya girly! Thanks again for everything!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday filled with drinkin', singin' and eatin'

Soooo I wake up this morning feeling like absolute shit. Sick as a dog.....and so I decide that maybe drinkin a lil of captain morgan will make me feel better. Am I right??? Yesiree! It made me feel lots better! Totally forgotten about my damn cold! :)
Anywho....Warren and I decided to go ahead and drink....and then sing...... some American Idol! boo-yah!!!! And then I thought I'd make some home-made mac and cheese, which may I add is MUCH better than in the box mac and cheese.....much more cheesier....and it tastes more real If that makes sense.....Much better! If you haven't tried it, you need to. Yep. Anywho, its been a fun filled night. I'm feelin much better than earlier today thankfully!!!! Yay for Captain Morgan and Dr. P!!! lol And.....Some of my close Linn. Vet. Friends might recall the uh...... Like a virgin days....quite embarrassing....I'd say I've improved since then. :) Anywho, I hope everyone else has had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all have a good week!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plant time!

Warren and I decided to sit out on our lovely HUGE apartment balcony where we also happen to be growing some vegetable plants. Well, I'm still confused on the debate of whether or not a tomato is a fruit or vegetable.....but anyway. I got to experimenting with our camera. I've never been a huge photographer, so I'm still learning. And probably up until like 6 months ago did I finally realize that there are actual settings on a digital camera for like taking pics on the beach, or for taking pics of plants, etc. I always wondered how people could get plant pics to look so good and I never Yay for the plant setting!
But anywho, our lil vegies are sorta doing good....Warren and I are new at growing plants on a balcony, I'm used to having a huge ol' garden so our plants may be suffering from our lack of intelligence. My dill weed has done remarkably well thank you very much! :) I'm proud of my lil dill weed plant. It made my salads taste a whole lot better! Thank you dill!
Our tomato plants have plenty of flowers and a few tomatoes that are growing....but we're hoping to get a lot more than the few we have right now.....cant wait!!! Yummy home-grown tomatoes are the flippin best!!!! HURRY UP AND GROW DAMNIT!!!
Yes, this picture is should be rotated to the right, but I don't know how to do that so you can just tilt your head to the left and don't complain about it! :)
Yep. You're right. This one is sideways as well. :) Lil bloomin flowers on one of our tomato plants. They best be turning into lil red tomatoes here soon!
And here are our soon to be yellow pear tomatoes... Really really good! Mouth watering with ranch!!! :) YUM YUM! I'm starting to get hungry thinking about em!

Anyway, thats our lil "country" vegetable garden! Good stuff! Can't wait to actually eat 'em now! All we get to do now is water and stare at em hoping to see them grow!

Warren wasn't cooperating with me very well. lol At least in this pic he's smiling.....but not looking in the camera.....Silly head. (by the way. that's his beer poking up by my chin....not

Sad Friday

Well, the day finally came. The day when one of my bestest friends, AMAZING co-worker, my 2nd mom, my only sista, and someone I honestly care a lot about, Miss Jody True Who had her last day at work yesterday. I don't think it seemed like her actual last day at the time though. She's VERY good at being a jokester and making people at work laugh and be happy and she did a pretty darn good job keeping my mind off of it. Either that, or I just didn't wanna believe it....
Our good lil co-worker and friend Kris had a wonderful idea to take our lil Jody out to dinner and we had a wonderful laugh-filled time (as always when around Jody). It was definitely needed.
When I got home after our dinner, it really sank in that she wasn't gonna be my co-worker anymore and that she was going all the way to good ol' Arkansas! I just bawled like a lil baby. Bawled bawled bawled. The totally embarrassing crying where you can't catch your breath, snot coming out of nose crying.....yeah. that bad. lol
It' just so unbelievable that I could be so close to someone I haven't even know for 2 years....but I am. She has always been an amazing person to me. Unbelievably sweet, always trying to help me out and take care of me. She was a GREAT teacher at work. Taught me everything I know and I don't know if she'll ever realize how much I truly appreciate that. She never complained once whenever I had to bug her for an answer...even till the last day I worked with her I had to ask her questions, and she always had an answer for me! Great Great teacher/role model/leader!
If you haven't already noticed this blog is pretty much dedicated to my Jody True Who and her amazingness! (I dont think thats a word....but still.....)
I just want you to know Jody True that I'm unbelievably happy for you and Daren! This is gonna be a great journey for you both and I believe its for the best! :) :) You have nothing to worry about, Daren is an amazing husband and an amazing person (which I don't need to tell you cuz you already know) and he will take great care of his Jody True!
I just want you to remember that you will be missed by everyone at work. It's gonna be a different place without you! And everyone is gonna get sick of hearing me sing "Jody True WWHHOOO" around the office!!!!! Yep Yep!
I love ya girly girl and I wish you and Daren the best of luck! You have a safe trip over there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Man oh MAN!!! Don't EVER trust the seatbelts that automatically move forward and backward when you open and close your car door!!!!!! I know I never will after today! GEESH!!! Mine tried to strangle me!
I came home for lunch and I turned off my car.........and all of a sudden I felt this crushing force pushing on both my neck and my entire chest!!!!!!!! Me being the claustrophobic maniac that I am automatically started freaking out and did the worst option ever. I tried holding my breath (so I could keep as much oxygen in my lungs as I could before I needed to exhale because I needed oxygen to be in my brain for me to be able to get out of this sticky situation) then I tried maneuvering my body around as much as I could (which wasn't very much at all cuz obviously I was strapped extremely tight to my seat). However I managed to get low enough to where I could pull the seat lever and push the seat back. YAY!!! Finally freedom!
Once I was free, and could think clearly...I noticed something that would have made my rescue mission much easier. There is an emergency release button on the seatbelt. I'll try and remember that next time. I just hope none of my neighbors saw my struggle for survival.

Oh the wonders of sleep tossing! :)

This was the aftermath of my sleeping and walking. Which might I add is not a good mix. People do crazy things when they sleep walk! Thankfully mine wasn't harmful....maybe to the clothes....
ANYWAY! On with the story!
I woke up sometime last night, I can't remember exactly when, cuz obviously....duh, I was sleeping..... and from what I can remember I was dreaming that Warren had his hands full by our dresser....and I can't remember what it was now, but for some reason I wanna say a But anywho, he had his hands full and so I decided to help him by cleaning out the top drawer of our dresser.....And I guess my sleepy way of cleaning it out was to just throw all of his pants.....all over the floor.....And then I just went back to sleep.
When I woke up in the morning, I of course had already forgotten all about what had happened in the night, and when I saw those pants all over the floor I thought, WHAT IN THE HECK???!!! Oh....right....and then I remembered.....Its the WEIRDEST feeling knowing and remembering actually sleepwalking.....and you honestly think that you're doing something for a purpose.....There's been times when I've woken up in the morning and I look over at my nightstand which is right by my side of the bed of course, and everything has been tossed around in it and totally out of order....and then I remember.....I was at it again in my sleep....I'll actually remember waking up in the middle of the night and going on a rampage looking for something in my nightstand. I usually can't find whatever it is and just give up....but it's pretty darn funny seeing the aftermath of my sleeping behavior. Sometimes Warren will remember me doing certain things in my sleep...However, throwing his pants all over the floor wasn't one of 'em. I was just trying to help him!!!! Geesh!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rememberin' ol' pets

So this is gonna be a sappy one....
Just blogging about my kitties yesterday and going through pics, I saw pictures of all my beloved pets I used to have... and it made me realize how much I truly miss them..... whether it be they passed away or I had to give them away because I knew I truly couldn't afford to take care of them anymore....and I knew they deserved better....but anywho, I just wanted to make this lil blog in remembrance of them! I miss them all terribly even if a couple of them got on my nerves!! :)
This is Miko:He was the most adorable lil Blue Heeler puppy (Jody you remember him.) :) There are times when I do miss him a lot but he was one of those "free cute puppies" that my brother got and then he became my mom's puppy......and she didn't have the time, money or patience for him and we didn't give him the attention he really needed or deserved so we gave him to a friend of mine and now he's living at a beach house with lots of room to run and play (which he needed). So I couldn't be happier for him and I hope he has a wonderful rest of his life. :)

Now for my dearly missed dog Goldie.... :(
Gosh, she was the absolute best dog ever! We rescued her from Safehaven when she was about 4 years old and man I wish we could have had her for a lot longer than we did. :( My mom and I had taken her into the vet clinic I now work at when she was about 14 years old because she had stopped eating and acted really painful. When we got her in there, my vet felt her abdomen and he could palpate a huge mass....... It was devastating for my mom and I. It had come on so suddenly.... :( She was the first animal we ever had to make the tough tough decision on to euthanize. It was terrible. :( My sweet sweet Jody True Who helped with it and I couldn't have chosen a better person. :) Its been a few years since she passed and seriously....not a day goes by where our family doesn't think about her and remember her sweet loyalty. Love ya Goldie!

Now....for Lakota..... lol
She was my first horse ever......She was a rescue horse from an auction and I was about in middle school when we bought her. Let's just say I learned a whole helluva lot from this horse. How to stay on one for starts. lol She was definitely a spitfire and had a mind of her own and very very stubborn (hmmmm sounds familiar....maybe thats why we didn't always get along.) haha And I'm not much for Appaloosa coloring but I fell in love with her markings and just the way she moved was gorgeous. She was a fun, thrilling horse to be on. However during these hard times, I just didnt have the money to take care of her or my other horse properly, and working full time I just didn't have the time to spend. My horses just turned into pasture ornaments and that wasn't fair to them. I found a wonderful wonderful PERFECT home for Lakota and she is doing absolutely WONDERFUL there! I couldn't be more happy or relieved! I do miss her at times though. But I know she's happy where she is!

Now for my other horse, Bunny:
Bunny was a young horse that we got the opportunity to free lease for as long as we wanted. She was a great addition to my lil barn herd and she had the greatest personality. We went through a lot together and I taught her a lot. Before coming to my place, she was only an arena horse. Never got to see the great outdoors! Lordy that had to change. :) Since I didn't have an She got to learn that ditches were not something to be scared about.....or the yellow colored lines on roads......or the different colored patches of grass in the oh man she had a lot to learn and of course the spookiness stemmed from her being an But she was a GREAT horse, I had a lot of good times with her. I ended up giving her back to the people I free leased her from for the same reasons I gave Lakota away. I know she's got a good home now and hopefully she's found someone else that can teach her a lot of new things. :)

Now...I saved the one that still hurts the most for last, my dear Crystal:This may seem weird to ya'll. But yes. I had a pet cow. :) She was my beloved Jersey who I bottle raised from just a lil calf. She was my everything! I grew up with her! When I was in grade school and she was still a baby, I showed her in 4-H and won loads of ribbons with her! Once she became a young woman however....she became more of a beefy looking heifer. lol She lost her.....let's say.....ladyness. lol But man oh man! Could she crack you up! When I used to throw her apples she would do the most ridiculous bellow and would just drool up a storm and I would never tire of hearing her do that! I guess you had to hear Or she would be out in the pasture.....and would just lower her head so she could see through the fence and the house. She somehow knew I was in there.....and she wanted me to come out. Probably to give her more food which she DID NOT need! lol Sadly, that's one of the reasons that hurt her survival a few months ago..... :( I had gone out to the barn to feed her and I had just recently re-arranged the barn inside so that my lovely cow would have more room to roam around. Sadly.......That also took a big part in why we lost her. It had rained the night before, and the area where I fed her became very very slick. My dear Crystal must have slipped and when I found her the poor girl had her back legs splayed out (Pretty much like Bambi on the ice) and she had dragged herself to the dry part of the barn trying to get up.....However, with her weight and the way her back legs were we did everything we could do to try and get her up but she just didn't have any vet. once again came out and gave her shots in hope that it would help. However in the end, I made yet again the toughest decision one ever has to make for their pet. I held her in my arms and laid against her side and BAWLED while I awaited for my vet's arrival. Those last few moments I had with her I will treasure. It is still very hard to think about her, it is still very fresh in my memory. Whenever I go out to my mom's (which is where she was) I always picture her out in that pasture just staring at me. :) I miss you Chrissy. I always will. I hope you're eating all the apples you want now. :)
Wow.....sorry that was pretty depressing.....Hopefully I don't have to do too many more of those! Hopefully my kitties stay healthy for a long long time!
I love all you guys and I miss you all terribly!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tobers and Buttons. :)

The two bestest kitties in the world! My lovely Toby and Buttons! I SO had to blog about them and show them off on my lovely new blog. For those of you who know them, you know they're characters. :) They make a hard, tough, long day at work much better when I come home to them and they do their goofy lil quirks.
For instance.....
My Tobers, he has recently become obsessed with seeing shadows on the walls.....He hasn't always been like this....this is new. He will sit on the floor and just stare straight up at the wall at any shadow he sees (which is normally me or Warren) and then he usually will jump straight up at it. It's amazing how high cats can jump! lol Or he has always done this..... whenever we peak around a corner at him slowly, he will do the weirdest meow and make the funniest face! He will meow for like 5 seconds straight and then we'll just play peek-a-boo with him over and over and he'll just keep meowing.....and he will for a long time. Usually we give up before he does. lol it's pretty hilarious and I will hopefully one day be able to capture it on camera....its funny. :)
Now as for My Buttons,
She has a weird thing about smelly stuff....whether it be smelly handsoap, smelly shampoo, my shoes from work, or even yes people's armpits..... but she will just rub and rub her head all over whatever smells and even bite and lick....which isn't very fun when it's your head, or your hand...and it really tickles when she's snuffling your armpit! lol I never let her get to the biting stage on that one! haha Its weird.....she's weird....
But I just love both my babies very much. They're just that. Warren and my babies. They're a stress relief and I would do anything for them. :) I wish they could live forever. But I know that's not the case....I'll just have to cherish every moment I have with them. :) I love them very very much!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Night Craze

So this last Saturday was spent not feeling real well and missing out on going and playing BINGO with my dear friend Miss Jody, so I decided that I wanted to accomplish something on my weekend before I had to head back to the dreadful workplace......
I decided I'd call up my oldest bro, Robbie and see if he wanted to hang out with the "old folks" on their Sunday of playing card games......Now, that may sound like a complete and utter bore to most people that don't know my grandma, my mom and my aunt Connie......
Let me put it this way.....Sunday afternoons are spent watching my mom do everything in her power to annoy my Aunt whether that be just tapping her fingers on the table (which she does CONSTANTLY and doesn't even realize it), or constantly snuffling her nose (and my aunt is always suggesting that she just freakin blow her nose!!!), or even my mom will hum to each and every song that plays and she almost always mixes up the words and comes out with the most random ass backward thing....... oh and also....she never ever ever EVER fails to mix up my aunt Connie's and my name!! ALWAYS does it!!!! She becomes Jenny and I become Connie whenever we are around each other....very and yes my mom is perfectly least I think.... ;) Grandma is not innocent of this annoyance play either.....She has her lovely moments....where she forgets which color marble she is playing, or forgets her turn all together and then we all just stare at her to give her a hint....and she never gets or she doesn't knock someone off when she's supposed to or the worst of all she burps.........constantly..........not joking. Over and over.....these lil belches where you cant mistake that they're coming from sweet, lil "innocent" grandma.
Anywho, at the end of the day we all love each other very much even if we have our lil annoyances.....haha
Soooooo Long story short.....(yeah right....its just gonna get longer) ;)
Robbie brought up the movie Star Trek and mentioned how good it was, so he suggested mom, Warren (my boyfriend for those of you who don't know and I go see it that night. (Need I remind you it was Sunday night.........) So I had Warren look up the times and there were only 7:25 pm and 10:00pm and seeing that by that time it was already 7:20pm.....we would have to settle for the 10:00pm spot.... With a little convincing on Warren's and my mom's side we all packed into our car and drove to the cinema. Need I mention that we were all thinking in our own heads that maybe we were making a big mistake, we went ahead anyway. :)
When we got there and I went up to buy Warren's and my tickets (buying his was part of the convincing him to go cuz he has to get up at 5 in the morning for work) I totally said the wrong movie and then was quickly corrected by my mom, Robbie and Warren. lol I guess they really wanted to see Star Trek! Geesh! lol
We all safely made it into the correct movie and we realized that we were the first and possibly only people that were gonna show up so we discussed for quite awhile which seats were the best and sat down. Still wondering why in the heck we were doing this to ourselves??!! lol
So after the next 4 people filed in for the movie and we all got done turning around and STARING at them....(which we finally caught ourselves doing.....and then that made us all laugh hysterically.....) because we were wondering who else was as crazy to be watching a movie that lasted 2 hours and started at 10:00pm on a Sunday night??? lol
Finally the lovely movie Star Trek started!!!! It was AWESOME!!! Well worth the late night and tiredness the next morning...... I would recommend that movie to anyone! I was never ever into the whole Star Trek thing and I liked it a lot! Anyway, it was a fun fun adventure with the fandamnily. I was very proud of my mom for doing it! Best mom ever!!! What a sport! :) Now once Transformers 2 comes out, we've gotta work on getting the belching grandma to see it! Hah! Wouldn't she love it??!! Not!!!!