Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tobers and Buttons. :)

The two bestest kitties in the world! My lovely Toby and Buttons! I SO had to blog about them and show them off on my lovely new blog. For those of you who know them, you know they're characters. :) They make a hard, tough, long day at work much better when I come home to them and they do their goofy lil quirks.
For instance.....
My Tobers, he has recently become obsessed with seeing shadows on the walls.....He hasn't always been like this....this is new. He will sit on the floor and just stare straight up at the wall at any shadow he sees (which is normally me or Warren) and then he usually will jump straight up at it. It's amazing how high cats can jump! lol Or he has always done this..... whenever we peak around a corner at him slowly, he will do the weirdest meow and make the funniest face! He will meow for like 5 seconds straight and then we'll just play peek-a-boo with him over and over and he'll just keep meowing.....and he will for a long time. Usually we give up before he does. lol it's pretty hilarious and I will hopefully one day be able to capture it on camera....its funny. :)
Now as for My Buttons,
She has a weird thing about smelly stuff....whether it be smelly handsoap, smelly shampoo, my shoes from work, or even yes people's armpits..... but she will just rub and rub her head all over whatever smells and even bite and lick....which isn't very fun when it's your head, or your hand...and it really tickles when she's snuffling your armpit! lol I never let her get to the biting stage on that one! haha Its weird.....she's weird....
But I just love both my babies very much. They're just that. Warren and my babies. They're a stress relief and I would do anything for them. :) I wish they could live forever. But I know that's not the case....I'll just have to cherish every moment I have with them. :) I love them very very much!


Robbie said...

Yes, it's all true. And the armpit is the worst! haha

MissJody said...

Armpits?!! Ha! ha!
I love it! Are you "Sure" ? Ha! get it?
But I love the porno pix of your cat! Great pix Jen-nae!! Love it
I'm so happy your blogging!!
Now I can keep up with you!:)