Thursday, June 11, 2009


Man oh MAN!!! Don't EVER trust the seatbelts that automatically move forward and backward when you open and close your car door!!!!!! I know I never will after today! GEESH!!! Mine tried to strangle me!
I came home for lunch and I turned off my car.........and all of a sudden I felt this crushing force pushing on both my neck and my entire chest!!!!!!!! Me being the claustrophobic maniac that I am automatically started freaking out and did the worst option ever. I tried holding my breath (so I could keep as much oxygen in my lungs as I could before I needed to exhale because I needed oxygen to be in my brain for me to be able to get out of this sticky situation) then I tried maneuvering my body around as much as I could (which wasn't very much at all cuz obviously I was strapped extremely tight to my seat). However I managed to get low enough to where I could pull the seat lever and push the seat back. YAY!!! Finally freedom!
Once I was free, and could think clearly...I noticed something that would have made my rescue mission much easier. There is an emergency release button on the seatbelt. I'll try and remember that next time. I just hope none of my neighbors saw my struggle for survival.


Robbie said...

I was going to lie and say that I would've gone diving in to save the day, but I think we both know I would have gotten my camera out for a good laugh! Nothing personal, of course

MissJody said...

I love the way you write :)
I can totally picture you struggling.Haa!!
You becareful with them seatbelts. They can be very dangerous!:)

Miss-happypants said...

lol...that is hillarious! I wish I could have seen you. I probably would have peed though. :)