Saturday, June 27, 2009

Present on my doorstep :)

Sooooo I get home from work this afternoon and I spot something in the bushes next to the staircase that leads up to my apartment. It's a lil kitten. :( I notice that it doesn't have a collar on and someone had put a water and food dish out for it. As soon as I bent down to look at it she ran right up to me meowing.... She was the CUTEST THING!!!!!!! I did notice that she was absolutely covered in fleas.... she looked miserable.
The first thing I did was went up to my apartment and called our apartment manager and left him a message. Then I went out to check on her again cuz I couldn't just ignore her when I knew she was down there all alone. :(
When I stepped out of my door I saw the lil bugger. :) She had climbed all the way up my staircase to my door and she tried running into my apartment!!!! I grabbed her and picked her up cuz I didn't want her around my two other cats in case she had something....(not to mention the fleas....ick) So I ended up putting her into one of my cat carries. And now I'm hooked. :) The first thought that went in my head was to go to Safehaven, but from working there in the past I knew this was major kitten season and they are ALWAYS full of cats so I knew I would waste my time going there.....and then I thought of my good ol' boss. I knew he would know what I could do.
Sooo I called him. :) He was absolutely helpful and sweet and said he'd meet me at the clinic later to take a look at her. I wasn't expecting that at all! I just wanted some advice on what to do! But of course he has such a good heart, even when he wasn't feeling very good he was willing to help me out. :) :) So as of now she's waiting at work and he's going to have her tested for FELV/FIV and if she's negative and healthy enough my parents are gonna get her everything she needs and they're gonna keep her!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! My parents are GREAT!!! I just called them to beg them to take her and I didnt even have to beg for that long!!! YAY!!! She's gonna have a good home! I'm so happy! And I'm glad I found her and she didn't get eaten or ran over or shot....or whatever.... Here are some pics I took of her sitting on my lap...Sadly most of the chewing and licking she is doing is because of her fleas....but I threw some Frontline on her so those should clear up soon! :)


MissJody said...

Oh my gosh Jen! It's sooooooooo cute! Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!! I love the lil' booger! You are so sweet and amazing person. The pix you took are so cute!
I'm so happy Dr. B got to help you out! :)

Andara said...

So cute Jen. I'm glad you found a good home. :)

Miss-happypants said...

ohhhh, you are soo soo sweet! I'm happy the kitty knew where to go to find a good person. :) What a cutie!