Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rememberin' ol' pets

So this is gonna be a sappy one....
Just blogging about my kitties yesterday and going through pics, I saw pictures of all my beloved pets I used to have... and it made me realize how much I truly miss them..... whether it be they passed away or I had to give them away because I knew I truly couldn't afford to take care of them anymore....and I knew they deserved better....but anywho, I just wanted to make this lil blog in remembrance of them! I miss them all terribly even if a couple of them got on my nerves!! :)
This is Miko:He was the most adorable lil Blue Heeler puppy (Jody you remember him.) :) There are times when I do miss him a lot but he was one of those "free cute puppies" that my brother got and then he became my mom's puppy......and she didn't have the time, money or patience for him and we didn't give him the attention he really needed or deserved so we gave him to a friend of mine and now he's living at a beach house with lots of room to run and play (which he needed). So I couldn't be happier for him and I hope he has a wonderful rest of his life. :)

Now for my dearly missed dog Goldie.... :(
Gosh, she was the absolute best dog ever! We rescued her from Safehaven when she was about 4 years old and man I wish we could have had her for a lot longer than we did. :( My mom and I had taken her into the vet clinic I now work at when she was about 14 years old because she had stopped eating and acted really painful. When we got her in there, my vet felt her abdomen and he could palpate a huge mass....... It was devastating for my mom and I. It had come on so suddenly.... :( She was the first animal we ever had to make the tough tough decision on to euthanize. It was terrible. :( My sweet sweet Jody True Who helped with it and I couldn't have chosen a better person. :) Its been a few years since she passed and seriously....not a day goes by where our family doesn't think about her and remember her sweet loyalty. Love ya Goldie!

Now....for Lakota..... lol
She was my first horse ever......She was a rescue horse from an auction and I was about in middle school when we bought her. Let's just say I learned a whole helluva lot from this horse. How to stay on one for starts. lol She was definitely a spitfire and had a mind of her own and very very stubborn (hmmmm sounds familiar....maybe thats why we didn't always get along.) haha And I'm not much for Appaloosa coloring but I fell in love with her markings and just the way she moved was gorgeous. She was a fun, thrilling horse to be on. However during these hard times, I just didnt have the money to take care of her or my other horse properly, and working full time I just didn't have the time to spend. My horses just turned into pasture ornaments and that wasn't fair to them. I found a wonderful wonderful PERFECT home for Lakota and she is doing absolutely WONDERFUL there! I couldn't be more happy or relieved! I do miss her at times though. But I know she's happy where she is!

Now for my other horse, Bunny:
Bunny was a young horse that we got the opportunity to free lease for as long as we wanted. She was a great addition to my lil barn herd and she had the greatest personality. We went through a lot together and I taught her a lot. Before coming to my place, she was only an arena horse. Never got to see the great outdoors! Lordy that had to change. :) Since I didn't have an She got to learn that ditches were not something to be scared about.....or the yellow colored lines on roads......or the different colored patches of grass in the oh man she had a lot to learn and of course the spookiness stemmed from her being an But she was a GREAT horse, I had a lot of good times with her. I ended up giving her back to the people I free leased her from for the same reasons I gave Lakota away. I know she's got a good home now and hopefully she's found someone else that can teach her a lot of new things. :)

Now...I saved the one that still hurts the most for last, my dear Crystal:This may seem weird to ya'll. But yes. I had a pet cow. :) She was my beloved Jersey who I bottle raised from just a lil calf. She was my everything! I grew up with her! When I was in grade school and she was still a baby, I showed her in 4-H and won loads of ribbons with her! Once she became a young woman however....she became more of a beefy looking heifer. lol She lost her.....let's say.....ladyness. lol But man oh man! Could she crack you up! When I used to throw her apples she would do the most ridiculous bellow and would just drool up a storm and I would never tire of hearing her do that! I guess you had to hear Or she would be out in the pasture.....and would just lower her head so she could see through the fence and the house. She somehow knew I was in there.....and she wanted me to come out. Probably to give her more food which she DID NOT need! lol Sadly, that's one of the reasons that hurt her survival a few months ago..... :( I had gone out to the barn to feed her and I had just recently re-arranged the barn inside so that my lovely cow would have more room to roam around. Sadly.......That also took a big part in why we lost her. It had rained the night before, and the area where I fed her became very very slick. My dear Crystal must have slipped and when I found her the poor girl had her back legs splayed out (Pretty much like Bambi on the ice) and she had dragged herself to the dry part of the barn trying to get up.....However, with her weight and the way her back legs were we did everything we could do to try and get her up but she just didn't have any vet. once again came out and gave her shots in hope that it would help. However in the end, I made yet again the toughest decision one ever has to make for their pet. I held her in my arms and laid against her side and BAWLED while I awaited for my vet's arrival. Those last few moments I had with her I will treasure. It is still very hard to think about her, it is still very fresh in my memory. Whenever I go out to my mom's (which is where she was) I always picture her out in that pasture just staring at me. :) I miss you Chrissy. I always will. I hope you're eating all the apples you want now. :)
Wow.....sorry that was pretty depressing.....Hopefully I don't have to do too many more of those! Hopefully my kitties stay healthy for a long long time!
I love all you guys and I miss you all terribly!!!!!!!

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MissJody said...

My mascara is smeared.
That was so sad, but you needed to blog about that and get that out my lil' lady.
My hear SOOOOOO goes out to you about "Crystal" and "Goldie"..
Oh my gosh Jen. I'm so sorry you felt that pain sweetie.
Ya know I'm pretty tough, so if I could, I'd take that pain and hurt from you and take it upon myself. So all your precious heart is left with is nothing but the good memories. You won't know one ounce of pain or sadness.
You have such a wonderful heart and mind Jen-nae. Everyone who ever comes in contact with you, is surely blessed and should feel lucky to get the pleasure of meeting someone of your stature!.xoxox
You have a heart of gold and express it not only for your lost pets, but just HOW you are.
I feel the uncontrollable need to protect you!
We will always stay in contact my sweet Jen-nae.oxoxoxo