Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Feast!

This Father's Day was spent literally stuffing my mouth with absolutely DELICIOUS foods!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
My dad bought a crap load of yummy foods and brought over his huge barbeque to cook it all on. :) We had HUGEEEEE steaks!!! Thick and juicy! :) hehe And yummy ass pork ribs marinated in two different kinds of sauce, and chicken thighs, and sausages and hot dogs, and these REALLY good jalepeno, mango sausages!! YUM!!! and Dad also made marinated mushrooms AND the whole family made a HUGE batch of potato salad. Lordy, how much food could 6 people need???? Lol But it was ALL soooooo good! I don't think I missed anything....haha
And of course we all had to try some of each of everything as soon as Dad walked in the door with it, so by the end of the night we were all WAAAYYYYY stuffed full of BBQ. But it was well worth it. :)
Sadly Mike was the only one out of the family who couldn't make it cuz he had to work.... :( but thankfully everyone else did! Including my Warren! :) It was a day full of laughter and just a good ol' time. :) I hope Dad really enjoyed it cuz it was all for him! He's an AMAZING cook and I know I can say I really appreciated him cooking all that yummy food! THANKS DAD!!!! Happy Father's Day again!!!
Wow....These pictures turned out really small....but uh if you can see them thats great!! lol This first picture is of my precious mommy holding the beginnings of our HUGE potato salad! This is Warren showing off his HUGE Mountain Dew bottle...... haha...yeah inside family joke... :)
This is my brother John.....and yes he is flexing his 6-pack........and holding two beer This is the beginning of his drinking He's a goober. :)

Ok....Don't ask me why these pics are bigger......I dunno....but I'll take it!!! Anywho, these pics are of my Dad and Bro John starting up the BBQ'ing. Yeah...don't ask me what they're doing in the second picture....being goofs. :)

Ugh!!!!!! This picture thing is starting to freakin annoy me!!!!!! You can't see all the yummy foods the way they should be seen!!!!! BIG!!!!! lol Anyway, the first is the lovely pork, the 2nd are all the weiners, then the mushrooms, potato salad and the STEAK!!!!!!!!

OK....I give up.....I'm gonna try to ignore it now.......THIS is my lovely goofy silly sweet wacky funny smart gorgeous mommy!!!!!!! Yes...holding a beer and laughing. :) She's always laughing. One of my favorite quirks about her. :) I love you momma!!!!
This is my oldest brother Robbie, or Bobbie, or Bob, or Boobie, or Boob. Yep. He seriously goes by Boob by a LOT of people who know him! lol He's a sweety too! :) I love my family!!! He's enjoyin some of that good ol' steak!Yep. You guessed it. This is War and I. :) My handsome man. At this point we're pretty darn stuffed. Taking a break from all that food!!!!! lol
Ok....ending on this This is later in the night when John John is feeling pretty good after his Coors Light. :) He had fun with the camera...this is just one of the many wacky pics he took of himself. I had to put one of 'em on here. :) Love ya John John you're a crack up!

Welp, it was a fun filled day! I'm glad we did it!!!! I love ya guys!!!!!

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MissJody said...

Ohhhh...jen! What great pics of the FAM! I think that food looks sooooooo goooood! :) Ummmmm.....
You and War look so cute together! xoxoxoxoox