Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I never say this....but.......

Well, I'm actually gonna say I was proud of myself today. :)
Today was the first day that my Jody True Who is no longer an employee of my work.... :( :( Sad sad....and so a lot of her responsibilities have fallin' onto my shoulders. One of those responsibilities happens to be setting everything up for Dr. B's surgeries.
Usually I have my Jody True to ask questions, but today....I was on my own!!! AHHHH!!!! Watch out everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
But no, seriously, I was really proud and surprised of myself. I remembered everything and it was my 1st time setting up on my own for a horse surgery! Yayer!! It's a lot to
I found it very funny that once I had everything set of my "co-workers" came out finally and tried helping me set-up....but haha to her! I already had everything! :) Yes, Jody I'm talking about the same person you're thinking I am. :) haha
Anywho...I got a MUCH appreciated "good job" from Dr.B. That means a lot to me cuz I work my ass off for him and I really really appreciate it when he notices and acknowledges it. :)
So long story short, thank you Jody True Who for everything you taught me! And for teaching me the way Dr. B likes it! :) He knows it was all you who taught me! He said again today how he already misses you my dear. That place feels a lot different without our Jody True.
I love ya girly! Thanks again for everything!!!!!

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MissJody said...

Nope. It's all you.
I just showed you how. You did the rest.:)
Good job lady! I feel so proud! My lil' sis is all grown up...big sigh...
That is one thing about Dr. B. He will never hand out comments. You deserve them and when he gives you darn earned it! Means alot more that way..
I try to work that way now. I reallllll try hard not to tell people what THEY want to hear..
I tell them the truth..{clearing throat..} like a *sPecIaL* someone @ your work KNOW who I'm talking about!! Dr. B's buddy!

Good job Jenny. You'll do a fantastic job for him:)
Remember these things:
1} Don't take your job home with you!
2} Have your team organized!
3} Always have a plan in your mind for the day
4} Make sure your TEAM is on the same page as you!
5} Work on getting V fired :)