Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sad Friday

Well, the day finally came. The day when one of my bestest friends, AMAZING co-worker, my 2nd mom, my only sista, and someone I honestly care a lot about, Miss Jody True Who had her last day at work yesterday. I don't think it seemed like her actual last day at the time though. She's VERY good at being a jokester and making people at work laugh and be happy and she did a pretty darn good job keeping my mind off of it. Either that, or I just didn't wanna believe it....
Our good lil co-worker and friend Kris had a wonderful idea to take our lil Jody out to dinner and we had a wonderful laugh-filled time (as always when around Jody). It was definitely needed.
When I got home after our dinner, it really sank in that she wasn't gonna be my co-worker anymore and that she was going all the way to good ol' Arkansas! I just bawled like a lil baby. Bawled bawled bawled. The totally embarrassing crying where you can't catch your breath, snot coming out of nose crying.....yeah. that bad. lol
It' just so unbelievable that I could be so close to someone I haven't even know for 2 years....but I am. She has always been an amazing person to me. Unbelievably sweet, always trying to help me out and take care of me. She was a GREAT teacher at work. Taught me everything I know and I don't know if she'll ever realize how much I truly appreciate that. She never complained once whenever I had to bug her for an answer...even till the last day I worked with her I had to ask her questions, and she always had an answer for me! Great Great teacher/role model/leader!
If you haven't already noticed this blog is pretty much dedicated to my Jody True Who and her amazingness! (I dont think thats a word....but still.....)
I just want you to know Jody True that I'm unbelievably happy for you and Daren! This is gonna be a great journey for you both and I believe its for the best! :) :) You have nothing to worry about, Daren is an amazing husband and an amazing person (which I don't need to tell you cuz you already know) and he will take great care of his Jody True!
I just want you to remember that you will be missed by everyone at work. It's gonna be a different place without you! And everyone is gonna get sick of hearing me sing "Jody True WWHHOOO" around the office!!!!! Yep Yep!
I love ya girly girl and I wish you and Daren the best of luck! You have a safe trip over there!


MissJody said...

Oh my gosh Jen, thank you for all the sweet and sincere comments, my friend!
The ONLY reason why you turned out as great as a tech. as you because. You Listen. You pay attention and you care.
You were very each to to teach and pick on! :) He! He!
The chapter in our frindship will just take a different avenue, but it will continue!!
I will be checking your blog missy!!
Miss"I-don't-know-what-to-blog-about..." your doing fantastic!
Your great!

P.s. makes you feel any better..I came home after dinner and BAWLED!!
It hit me, that I'm not apart of the Linn. Vet. crew anymore. I'm no longer Dr. B's right hand person anymore...and most of all. I won't see MY Jen-nae's reaction to my jokes, comments, or gas-passing sessions! With your lil' skinney arms flaying around and you tuck your elbows in and grimis your face and say "KWHAAAAAAAAAT?"
I love it!!
I'll miss my Lil' Jen-nae!!

Anonymous said...

You are not going to believe who this is, but I have known you for a very long time! And I want to send you something. But it requires a snail mail address.'s your 4th grade teacher! No, not kidding, it is. Say you are quite a good writer. And now I know what you've been doing for the last two years since I last saw you. Just exactly what I thought you would be doing...animals!
Anyway, get ahold of me. OK?
xo, Mrs. Bailey