Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plant time!

Warren and I decided to sit out on our lovely HUGE apartment balcony where we also happen to be growing some vegetable plants. Well, I'm still confused on the debate of whether or not a tomato is a fruit or vegetable.....but anyway. I got to experimenting with our camera. I've never been a huge photographer, so I'm still learning. And probably up until like 6 months ago did I finally realize that there are actual settings on a digital camera for like taking pics on the beach, or for taking pics of plants, etc. I always wondered how people could get plant pics to look so good and I never Yay for the plant setting!
But anywho, our lil vegies are sorta doing good....Warren and I are new at growing plants on a balcony, I'm used to having a huge ol' garden so our plants may be suffering from our lack of intelligence. My dill weed has done remarkably well thank you very much! :) I'm proud of my lil dill weed plant. It made my salads taste a whole lot better! Thank you dill!
Our tomato plants have plenty of flowers and a few tomatoes that are growing....but we're hoping to get a lot more than the few we have right now.....cant wait!!! Yummy home-grown tomatoes are the flippin best!!!! HURRY UP AND GROW DAMNIT!!!
Yes, this picture is should be rotated to the right, but I don't know how to do that so you can just tilt your head to the left and don't complain about it! :)
Yep. You're right. This one is sideways as well. :) Lil bloomin flowers on one of our tomato plants. They best be turning into lil red tomatoes here soon!
And here are our soon to be yellow pear tomatoes... Really really good! Mouth watering with ranch!!! :) YUM YUM! I'm starting to get hungry thinking about em!

Anyway, thats our lil "country" vegetable garden! Good stuff! Can't wait to actually eat 'em now! All we get to do now is water and stare at em hoping to see them grow!

Warren wasn't cooperating with me very well. lol At least in this pic he's smiling.....but not looking in the camera.....Silly head. (by the way. that's his beer poking up by my chin....not


MissJody said...

You Dill weed!! great plant to grow! Your right, it does tastes good. Your sooo cute!
Lil' Miss Susie-homemeaker, growing plants:)
Your doing an excellent job on your photo-taking-capabilities!
Great post!! :)

Robbie said...

Fortunately for you, I didn't pull anything in my neck looking at all those pics sideways! lol For a second I freaked out because I thought I left you that dorky message on Sad Friday Night, but was relieved to realize it was at least the day after. *whew* By the way, Rose and I found a place that I'm sure you'll like, so if you guys end up coming down this way, I'll take you there.

Jen~nae said...

Yeah Boob, the reason I hadn't answered your phone call was cuz Warren and I were spending our last few days I have left with my Jody True at her and Daren's place Saturday night. It was a lot of fun! So I didn't have my phone on for that reason. And I think I'm coming down with a freakin thankfully my Mondays off came at a perfect time.....But thanks for your lovely lovely message. :) It was really sweet. yay for 3 day weekends! WOOHOO!!!! Rose??? As in Monica Rose??? From high school??? Anyway!!! Where you talking about?? Now you got me curious! And wanting to try it! :) Maybe this upcoming weekend will work out with that! Do you think our lovely mommy will wanna come, too??