Monday, December 7, 2009

Long time no blog!

Holy Moly, its been forever since I've blogged....Sorry Jody True Who! A lot has happened to me since I've been on here but I ain't gonna talk about all of them cuz that'd would take all night! lol First off, most of you already know, but one of my cats a.k.a. Buttons has been sick for about a month now. She's been diagnosed with Kidney stones and we're trying treatment before we do surgery because surgery is dangerous, expensive and may not help her out in the long run anyway. So fingers crossed that everything turns out ok! She's only 3 for crying out loud! We are going to re-do her blood work and xrays at the end of this week, and I'm hoping for good results..... On to some better news! It's almost my 21st birthday! Yayer! I'm gonna be doing some drinking with my fellow co-workers, brothers and of course Warren at the bowling alley and the first drink I'm ordering is a............dun dun dun!!!! Bloody Freakin Mary! Boo yah! lol Jody True Who I wish you were still here in Oregon to spend my 21st with me! I'll be missin and thinkin bout ya!
Anywho, I'm all done here for now I guess. Hopefully I don't take as long to come up with another blog!! lol
Have a wonderful night everyone!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guitar Hero!!!!!

Warren and I bought two Guitar Hero games today and I must admit I'm ADDICTED!!! My fingers literally hurt from playing for hours today with Warren, my brother Robbie and even my mom! She's such a good sport! It's a lot of fun and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes playing video games! Fun times! I actually can't really type much more now cuz my fingers are still sore so this is gonna be a short And I'm hankering to play some more!!! haha Toodles!

Coast Weekend

Last weekend my Warren Brew and I went to the coast to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. It's crazy we've been together for that long! Doesn't seem like it! :)
We stayed in a pretty nice (expensive) hotel that was RIGHT on the beach! Nice! Funny story though.... When we checked in, the receptionist told us pretty complicated directions. At least it was to me. It looked to me when she was explaining how to get to our room that it was gonna be on the TOP FLOOR!! BOO YAH!!! So I'm all excited rushing Warren along to hurry up and get to our fabulous room! We ride the elevator (like I thought the lady said to do) all the way to the 5th floor but when we're looking at the room numbers, they're reading 500 something.......and our room was in the 100's.........whoops.....SOOOO we ride the stupid elevator all the way back down to the stupid first floor..... We're still excited though cuz we're still close to the beach (Within walking distance). We first go to our sliding glass door to see the lovely view only to realize that we're definitely ground level and not only that but there is a huge volleyball sand area right in front of our room and there are a bunch of people walking around....UGH!!! lol Oh well, the jacuzzi tub and fireplace in the room made up for it. :) A very relaxing weekend. It was lovely spending that time with Warren. I love him very much and I'm glad we've been together as long as we have and I hope we have many many more anniversaries to spend together. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

No more Creepy Loud Ass Neighbor!!!!

Sorry just had to get that out!!! I'm SOOO happy!!!
Warren had mentioned to me that our creepy loud neighbor that used to slam his door in the middle of the night numerous times, offered me food numerous times.....was just a plain old creepy man that we think was on drugs may have moved out a week ago but I wasn't ready to believe it then.....
UNTIL!!!!!!!!!! I was lugging in a bunch of groceries today and it took me 3 or 4 trips and I got to hear out apartment manager and the cleaning people talking about having to clean out his apartment.....I overheard them say on one trip that they found a BUNCH of change.....and they were all, "did he just forget it or something???"
And then on another trip I overheard them saying how one guy was trying to clean a nasty stain out of the bathroom and they didn't know what it was.....and they were all grossed out......
And THEN, yes I swear I heard all this in passing it was GREAT!!!
They were saying how there were holes in the walls they were trying to patch up and stains they were trying to cover up......yeah, I bet Warren and I heard him making those holes in the walls he was always SO damn loud!!! GAH!!!!!!!!
Anyway all in all I'm SOOO happy to be done with him!!! YAY!!! Now I'm just hoping we don't get someone even worse............... Fingers crossed!!! I don't think you can get much worse than him though......Anywhoodles, I'm off! Sorry I didn't have any pics of the creep to put on here! haha But you can ask my family, they'll vogue for me!! lol

Update on Clear Lake Fishing Trip! Pics!

Here are some pics of the fishing trip we took to Clear Lake! I'm fully recovered from all sunburns! YAY!!!! lol

BEAUTIFUL Landscape! SO relaxing there!! Gorgeous weather!

Dad got some pics of Warren, Johnny and I fishing off our boat. It was a little bit crowded and that caused some pretty stressed times what with the boat rocking and whatnot, but we made it work. :)

John John with one of the many fish he caught!

Warren enjoying a snack. :) Caught in the act of eating!

This was a WEIRD fish John caught! Nasty!! Still don't know what was up with it....Just deformed I guess I thought maybe pregnant, I guess we'll never know. Of course we threw that thing back....

All the fish we four caught on our first day! Limited out in like 3 hours! 20 fish! You can tell which two people had been there for a week getting lots of sun.....and which two

My sweet mommy soakin up the sun in the raft! She was such a good sport! I'm glad she came!

Ok....this smoker was an absolute Biatch to put together! The freakin company didn't even give us all the parts we needed.....Stupid....Needles to say, after much head scratching and bickering Warren, John and I managed to put it together and Dad smoked these yummy pork ribs! DELICIOUS!!! And of course we smoked a lot of trout too! :) YUM!

Anywho! It was a fun trip! And I promised to get pics posted so there ya go!!!! Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bloody Mary Time!!! Boo-yah!!

Yesiree Bob Bloody Mary's are my all-time favorite!! You gotta have it with a lil spice, and then top it off with some green olives with garlic and some pickled asparagus or green
BUT!!!!!! The point of this blog is not about bragging about the goodness of Bloody Marys, it's about how good of a time I had at my dear friend Mindy's house! LOVED IT!!! Her mom has THE cutest, neatest place! I was very impressed! Our newest friend from Linn Vet, miss Kendra also came and I'm very glad she did! What a ball to be around!! These two ladies are a BLAST!!! :) We all had fun drinkin and laughin and talkin for quite awhile and then we got a lil adventurous. :) We all decided we'd go see some of Mindy's horses. :) The first thing I wanted to do was jump right on one!!! haha And that's what we all did. Well, Kendra needed a lil boost. hehe And that is not an easy task trying to coordinate that while we've been drinking. I kept trying to lift her before she was ready, and then she's be ready to jump before I was ready to help....but eventually it worked. lol So that was a lot of fun! And no one got hurt!!! Amazing!!! haha
Later that night...after more drinking...haha I wasn't feeling too Mindy and Kendra had a great idea!!! They said I needed to get into the cold "hot tub" and that would sober me up a bit. AND IT DID!!! It felt GREAT!!! but then I was soaked and cold so we went inside. But anyway, it was a complete blast, I hope we do it more often and I absolutely LOVEDDDDDD Mindy's mom! Freakin hilarious and sweet and SUCH a good host!!! Let us stay the night and fed us and didn't mind our loud rowdiness while she was trying to sleep... :( SORRY!!!!!! But she is a very sweet, kind lady. And she raised her daughter well cuz Mindy is just like her mommy! Sweet, funny, beautiful and outgoing! I had a lot of fun if you couldn't tell! :) Hope to do it again soon! Love ya girlys!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fishin' and fryin'. Not a good mix.... :/

This last weekend, my dad invited Warren and I to go fishing and camping at Clear Lake. A GORGEOUS fishing area! The water is literally clear, you can see the fish swimming under your boat and it's just gorgeous landscape. It was GREAT fishing and GREAT weather! Warren and I were there for 2 days and everyone that fished those days caught their limit in less then like 3 hours! It was amazing! The BEST fishing we've probably had there! John, who is a HUGE fishing person was very pleased. :) We had people googling over all the fish we had caught, it was funny! It was just good family time. My mommy even came for a day and night and she laid out in the raft and soaked some sun. She's such a good sport. :)

We did take lots of pictures, but they are all on Dad's camera cuz Warren's batteries died in his within the first 5 So I don't have those pics yet to put up but once my dad has downloaded them I'll make an updated blog with those pics. :)

Ok...... I learned a VERY valuable lesson from this fishing trip. Always wear sunscreen. I'll let these pics explain.............

Man oh man have I learned my lesson.....I was stupid and wanted to get SOME sun to my legs and so I didn't wear sunscreen for all the hours we were on the lake....and man did I pay for it....I will forever regret making that mistake. :( I literally could not walk that next day after fishing it hurt so bad....I would burst out in tears cuz it would just be a sharp shooting pain all up my leg when I moved at all.....My knee totally swelled up and I couldn't bend it.....and then later I noticed my ankle on my left leg even got swollen...Just ridiculous. The WORST burn I've ever experienced. I have learned my lesson. Trying to work at a Vet's office with obnoxious dogs that throw themselves into you and whack you with their tails while your legs hurt like a son of a bitch SUCKS!!!! It took all of my strength to not just throw that dog halfway across the exam room to get it away from my legs!!! lol Normally that wouldn't have bugged me so much, but when my legs felt like fire, that was the last thing I wanted.....

The one and ONLY good thing that came out of an odd shaped tan and some AMAZING peeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me show you. :)

This is the BESTEST peel of my skin I've EVER gotten!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I actually kept this piece of skin to show Warren!!! HAHA!!! Man was he groused out!!!! I loved it!!! However....I got to peeling too much I think cuz my legs started hurting me again after I got done peeling.....Oh well. Way worth it. :)
All in all, it was a fantabulous trip and I just hope I don't get all wrinkly skinned from it. Next time.....I'm wearing sunscreen.....

Here ya go Jody True Who! This one's for you! :)

Jody True Who tagged me and according to the tagging process, I must do as she says! haha I guess I'm supposed to tell 10 different honest things about myself...let's see how this goes... lol

1. ok well let's see....I'm the type of person who would rather stay at home with my Warry Brew and just do absolutely nothing for a whole day but watch tv, read, be lazy....sleep Those days are wonderful. :) Everyone needs those days!

2. I miss having my horses....I miss just being able to saddle up and go ride for hours wherever I please. Sometimes I would just take off, no plans in my head, just want to ride and I'd be gone all day. It was wonderful. Just me and my horse. I realized how much I miss that when I was at Mindy's yesterday and we rode her horses....OK You can't really say we "rode" them technically. We just sat on them. lol

3. I've been worrying about my parents lately. I just want them both to be happy and I think I'm realizing that I don't have forever with them and I want to not take for granted the time I have with them. I love them both very much. :)

4. Speaking of family. I look up to my three older brothers very much. All for different reasons. Robbie- He has made his life very successful. He is amazingly smart and caring and sweet. Everyone that knows him loves him. I just want him to be happy with his work. I know it's stressful, but I just hope he hangs in there. He's already made SO much progress it's ridiculous and he should be proud of himself. :) Mike- If you know Mike, you know how great of a person he is and how great a personality he has. He can always make you laugh, even without trying. GREAT sense of humor! I just wish he would realize that he deserves so much and to never settle for anything. He is extremely smart and he's proven that at his job, I'm very proud with all that he's done there. John John- Johnny Boy, funny, outgoing, hilarious, always looking to entertain people and make them laugh. He's faced some hard times in his life and I really hope he can take the best from it and learn from it. I look up to him cuz he's very caring and always trying to please and make others happy. John John also deserves the best and I hope he gets it someday. I LOVE YOU BIG BROS!!!!!

5. I think Ive grown accustomed to work nowadays. I used to always really regret having to go back to work, like NOT WANT TO AT ALL because I didn't always feel confident in my abilities. Thanks to Jody True Who I feel a lot more confident in myself because she taught me so much. Dr. Braat says it all the time, "wow Jen, Jody really taught you well didn't she?" I agree 100%. Thanks so much Jody. Even though I absolutely miss you like crazy and still wish you were working with me, I thank you for being an amazing teacher to me and making my job easier and less stressful. I love you girly!

6. Ok this may be random, but I really really love tomatoes. lol I used to absolutely HATE them but nowadays sandwiches, burgers, salads, and whatever just aren't the same without tomatoes. :) Warren's and my plants are finally really starting to spit out tomatoes and they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

7. I'm very weird in the fact that I don't really like talking on the phone. I'm sure most people who know me have figured this out by now. but I'd MUCH rather text. Don't ask my why, but it's just how it is. I think with texting I'm able to keep doing what I was doing and still hold a conversation. Also, to go along with that, I hate having to call places on the phone. lol I always have Warren do it. :) It just makes me uncomfortable cuz I feel like I'm gonna screw up what I'm trying to say and they're gonna think I'm an idiot. lol Yeah....I

8. Every time I hold my kitties, the vet. tech in me comes out. lol I can't help but pick at them and look them over and just mess with them like we would at work. I know they probably hate me for it but it's just what I do. I can't help it. I hope and pray they stay healthy FOREVER and I never have to see them sick. Sometimes I actually picture them old and frail and it just makes me sad.... :( I hope they stay young for a long time!

9. Someday REAL soon I hope Warren and I can find a home together cuz I'm SICK of living in apartments. I'm sick of living in "town". I miss living in the country and being able to walk outside without having neighbors right there watching us and I miss not hearing car doors slam shut while I'm trying to sleep and I miss the sound of the crickets chirping at night and I just miss the freedom of living in the country. My dream is to have a home on the same property as my mom, grandma and aunt and uncle. That's where I grew up and I hope to someday live out there again. :)

10. I love my Warren Brewer very much. He's always making me smile. :) He has a great, sweet personality and he's very caring. I am so thankful that we found each other. I don't know what I'd do without him. I love you very much!!!!!!

Welp, now it's my turn to tag some people! ~

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I would tag miss Jody True Who but she already did it! :) I guess she could always do it again! :) :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Arizona Family Reunion

Holy Cow....I'm WAY late on this blog.....almost a month But oh well. The story hasn't changed so it will be alright. :)
Anywho....4th of July weekend Warren and I flew to Arizona for his family reunion. It was really nice to see his family. They're such nice people and so caring. Sadly though not everyone could make it. Two of Warren's brothers who also live in Oregon couldn't make it and one brother from Utah couldn't make it. But thankfully we still got to see a bunch of the family. :)
The first day there I was actually a lil disappointed in the weather. I was expecting to get some good sun and it actually rained and wasn't much warmer than Oregon! Crazy! lol But it wasn't terrible and we spent some good quality family time with some craft activities. The first activity was for the men in the family and they had to make two different objects out of just newspaper and duct tape and the women had to judge them on how creative their object was and how recognizable their object was. Also, as you will see from the upcoming photos they also had to make a hat out of just aluminum foil and whoever did the best got a prize. I was proud to say that Warren got 2nd place! lol Not too shabby! :)

Man....he is such a goof! Lol But he made me laugh. :)

In this next photo, from the left to the right is War's brother-in-laws Randi and Kevin, his Dad Marshall, his brother Chantry (the winner of the hat contest), Wars other brother Brian and then of course Warren himself. (this group of guys are hilarious! )
Warren's group made the fishing boat, with it's accessories an oar and a fish, and yep. Proud to say his group won! Boo-yah!!! lol
The rest of that day was spent hiking at Cottonwood Wash, a place where water will run if it ever rains in but it was all dried out for our hike. :) I was just hoping we wouldn't have a flash flood while we were stuck in the middle of it. haha Of course since I'm not real used to taking pics still, I forgot to bring the camera......ugh.....there were some cool things there too!!! GAH!! At one point Warren and I went off hiking by ourselves and it was in Cougar country....I kept telling Warren not to turn his back and to stay close to me and to make lots of noise as we were walking along to hopefully scare any Cougars I bet we sounded like idiots to everyone else......haha But just as we were getting into the hiking mode, poor Warren was picking up cool rocks and totally stabbed his thumb on a lil cactus that was hiding under the rock......those things are like porcupine quills! They're hard to get out and they hurt!! Let's just say that ended our lil hiking adventure.......Speaking of cactus's, here was a cool looking one we found by his parent's house. Cool flowers on it.

That night when we got back from the hiking, Warren's oldest brother Brian offered to take War and I spotlighting (yes without guns...just a spotlight) cuz Warren and I had never done that before and we wanted to see some elk since we were in elk country! lol Man oh man did we get lucky! Brian said he had never had such good luck before! We saw at least 8 elk in like 2 hours time! And the last group we saw actually ran right along the road we were on like 10 yards away from us and it was really really neat. Up close and personal! lol We were so close we could see the velvet on the Bull's antlers!!! Neat!!! And no I don't think a picture would have turned out of that...just had to be there. :)
On the 4th of July we went to a massive rodeo. And I mean massive! Thousands and thousands of people there! WAY too crowded! But it was fun! Of course the bull riding is always my favorite and is always the most exciting for me, but this time was a first for me because one of the clowns actually got hurt. I've never seen one get hurt before! I mean I've seen em get knocked down before, but this clown actually got his leg broken.....crazy..... Then they played fireworks afterward of course and it was a good show! :) I was amazed at how a bunch of the rodeo horse riders were actually riding their horses around in the arena during the fireworks show! Too crazy! lol If I ever tried that on either one of the horses I used to own I would have been dead! lol They would have freaked! Those rodeo horses are used to everything I guess.....I guess if you're used to being close to a huge ass pissed off bull, then fireworks would be nothing to
But was a fun trip. Arizona is a purty place in it's own way. Too hot for my liking, but still pretty. :) Here are some photos from around Warren's parent's house. Wish us luck for next year because we are in charge of organizing it!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on cute kitten!

As you can see from all the lovely pics that the lil kitten is fitting in VERY well at my mom's house. They're treating her so well and they bought her so many cute lil kitten things. :) They're doing so well. She's gonna be the most spoiled kitten ever!!! :) As you can tell she is already the cutest kitten ever!!! Now I'm starting to wish I'd kept her for myself. :) hehe Just jokin. Our kitties probably wouldn't have appreciated that too much...... I just hope she works out very well for my mom and dad. She's already passed the cute cutely test. :) Now, she just needs a name! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

OHHH home! Home on the range!!! Where the deer and the antelope get SHOT! :)

Today on my day off my Dad had a grand idea to take me to the shooting range so I could learn to shoot one of his rifles. I must stress again that I was LEARNING. I've never really been one to shoot guns, my brothers always have but I usually just sat and watched and plugged my ears and rolled my eyes....never too interested. Sometimes I would shoot one or two just to make them happy but I never enjoyed myself. So needless to say not too much experience in handling or shooting guns....
However!!! Today was SOOO much fun! We got to set up different kinds of targets ranging from blown up balloons to regular bullseye targets to clay pigeons to playing cards. I have to admit I did pretty good. I really surprised myself. It helped that the gun dad chose for me to shoot had little if any kick so that helped my aim a lot. But anywho, my very first shot I actually got into the bullseye!! FIRST SHOT!!! Totally surprised! lol Then I moved on to popping all four balloons we had in a misses. :) And I almost hit the ace of hearts dead on. :) Pretty fun stuff.

The last picture is of my very first shot at about 25 yards. :) The middle picture is at about 50 yards and the ace was also at about 25 yards. Next time I'm going for the 100! :)
Soooo yeah can't wait for the next shooting expedition with Dad and hopefully Warren can go next time, too! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Present on my doorstep :)

Sooooo I get home from work this afternoon and I spot something in the bushes next to the staircase that leads up to my apartment. It's a lil kitten. :( I notice that it doesn't have a collar on and someone had put a water and food dish out for it. As soon as I bent down to look at it she ran right up to me meowing.... She was the CUTEST THING!!!!!!! I did notice that she was absolutely covered in fleas.... she looked miserable.
The first thing I did was went up to my apartment and called our apartment manager and left him a message. Then I went out to check on her again cuz I couldn't just ignore her when I knew she was down there all alone. :(
When I stepped out of my door I saw the lil bugger. :) She had climbed all the way up my staircase to my door and she tried running into my apartment!!!! I grabbed her and picked her up cuz I didn't want her around my two other cats in case she had something....(not to mention the fleas....ick) So I ended up putting her into one of my cat carries. And now I'm hooked. :) The first thought that went in my head was to go to Safehaven, but from working there in the past I knew this was major kitten season and they are ALWAYS full of cats so I knew I would waste my time going there.....and then I thought of my good ol' boss. I knew he would know what I could do.
Sooo I called him. :) He was absolutely helpful and sweet and said he'd meet me at the clinic later to take a look at her. I wasn't expecting that at all! I just wanted some advice on what to do! But of course he has such a good heart, even when he wasn't feeling very good he was willing to help me out. :) :) So as of now she's waiting at work and he's going to have her tested for FELV/FIV and if she's negative and healthy enough my parents are gonna get her everything she needs and they're gonna keep her!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! My parents are GREAT!!! I just called them to beg them to take her and I didnt even have to beg for that long!!! YAY!!! She's gonna have a good home! I'm so happy! And I'm glad I found her and she didn't get eaten or ran over or shot....or whatever.... Here are some pics I took of her sitting on my lap...Sadly most of the chewing and licking she is doing is because of her fleas....but I threw some Frontline on her so those should clear up soon! :)