Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on cute kitten!

As you can see from all the lovely pics that the lil kitten is fitting in VERY well at my mom's house. They're treating her so well and they bought her so many cute lil kitten things. :) They're doing so well. She's gonna be the most spoiled kitten ever!!! :) As you can tell she is already the cutest kitten ever!!! Now I'm starting to wish I'd kept her for myself. :) hehe Just jokin. Our kitties probably wouldn't have appreciated that too much...... I just hope she works out very well for my mom and dad. She's already passed the cute cutely test. :) Now, she just needs a name! :)


Miss-happypants said...

Awwwww...the kittin is soooo cute!

MissJody said...

What a wonderfully spoiled kitten! I love to see animals spoiled in the right way :) I bet that kitten thought it died and gone to know. After I rescued my kitten(s) they turned on me and now are shits!
But I miss you my Jen-nae! :)

Michelle said...

wow...that kitten is sooo adorable!