Monday, June 29, 2009

OHHH home! Home on the range!!! Where the deer and the antelope get SHOT! :)

Today on my day off my Dad had a grand idea to take me to the shooting range so I could learn to shoot one of his rifles. I must stress again that I was LEARNING. I've never really been one to shoot guns, my brothers always have but I usually just sat and watched and plugged my ears and rolled my eyes....never too interested. Sometimes I would shoot one or two just to make them happy but I never enjoyed myself. So needless to say not too much experience in handling or shooting guns....
However!!! Today was SOOO much fun! We got to set up different kinds of targets ranging from blown up balloons to regular bullseye targets to clay pigeons to playing cards. I have to admit I did pretty good. I really surprised myself. It helped that the gun dad chose for me to shoot had little if any kick so that helped my aim a lot. But anywho, my very first shot I actually got into the bullseye!! FIRST SHOT!!! Totally surprised! lol Then I moved on to popping all four balloons we had in a misses. :) And I almost hit the ace of hearts dead on. :) Pretty fun stuff.

The last picture is of my very first shot at about 25 yards. :) The middle picture is at about 50 yards and the ace was also at about 25 yards. Next time I'm going for the 100! :)
Soooo yeah can't wait for the next shooting expedition with Dad and hopefully Warren can go next time, too! :)


Miss-happypants said...

lol...shooting is sooo much fun!!! I love it! You should try a glock.

MissJody said...

Holy mac-o-roly!! You go Red Neck girl! Ha! You look awesome with that gun Jen-nae! But please don't kill Bambi. Just paper, k?