Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh the wonders of sleep tossing! :)

This was the aftermath of my sleeping and walking. Which might I add is not a good mix. People do crazy things when they sleep walk! Thankfully mine wasn't harmful....maybe to the clothes....
ANYWAY! On with the story!
I woke up sometime last night, I can't remember exactly when, cuz obviously....duh, I was sleeping..... and from what I can remember I was dreaming that Warren had his hands full by our dresser....and I can't remember what it was now, but for some reason I wanna say a But anywho, he had his hands full and so I decided to help him by cleaning out the top drawer of our dresser.....And I guess my sleepy way of cleaning it out was to just throw all of his pants.....all over the floor.....And then I just went back to sleep.
When I woke up in the morning, I of course had already forgotten all about what had happened in the night, and when I saw those pants all over the floor I thought, WHAT IN THE HECK???!!! Oh....right....and then I remembered.....Its the WEIRDEST feeling knowing and remembering actually sleepwalking.....and you honestly think that you're doing something for a purpose.....There's been times when I've woken up in the morning and I look over at my nightstand which is right by my side of the bed of course, and everything has been tossed around in it and totally out of order....and then I remember.....I was at it again in my sleep....I'll actually remember waking up in the middle of the night and going on a rampage looking for something in my nightstand. I usually can't find whatever it is and just give up....but it's pretty darn funny seeing the aftermath of my sleeping behavior. Sometimes Warren will remember me doing certain things in my sleep...However, throwing his pants all over the floor wasn't one of 'em. I was just trying to help him!!!! Geesh!!!!!!!


Robbie said...

You know, we're supposed to the some of the saner people in our family. Amusingly disturbing ...

MissJody said...

HA! Ha! I love it!! :)

Warning: DO NOT eat breakfast while reading Jen-nae's BLOG!
I just spit egg all over my lap top when the dresser pix came up!!
I'm still laughing.
I told The Mr. about it and he laughed and said he could picture you doing this! I love it, keep the stories coming!! :)
Your so adorable-my Jen-nae!!

Miss-happypants said...

hahahaha, you're a funny girl! I love reading your blogs!

Lindy Loo-Hoo said...

Do you talk while you're tossing stuff around? I can just see you throwing stuff around and talking in your monotone "can't quite understand" mumble. Drives me nuts trying to figure out what you're saying! And then you laugh and I die wondering what the joke was. Remember how one of your brothers would finally get curious enough to get out of bed and stand by the wall to listen to you, and then you'd quit talking? You're such a tease!!