Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Night Craze

So this last Saturday was spent not feeling real well and missing out on going and playing BINGO with my dear friend Miss Jody, so I decided that I wanted to accomplish something on my weekend before I had to head back to the dreadful workplace......
I decided I'd call up my oldest bro, Robbie and see if he wanted to hang out with the "old folks" on their Sunday of playing card games......Now, that may sound like a complete and utter bore to most people that don't know my grandma, my mom and my aunt Connie......
Let me put it this way.....Sunday afternoons are spent watching my mom do everything in her power to annoy my Aunt whether that be just tapping her fingers on the table (which she does CONSTANTLY and doesn't even realize it), or constantly snuffling her nose (and my aunt is always suggesting that she just freakin blow her nose!!!), or even my mom will hum to each and every song that plays and she almost always mixes up the words and comes out with the most random ass backward thing....... oh and also....she never ever ever EVER fails to mix up my aunt Connie's and my name!! ALWAYS does it!!!! She becomes Jenny and I become Connie whenever we are around each other....very and yes my mom is perfectly least I think.... ;) Grandma is not innocent of this annoyance play either.....She has her lovely moments....where she forgets which color marble she is playing, or forgets her turn all together and then we all just stare at her to give her a hint....and she never gets or she doesn't knock someone off when she's supposed to or the worst of all she burps.........constantly..........not joking. Over and over.....these lil belches where you cant mistake that they're coming from sweet, lil "innocent" grandma.
Anywho, at the end of the day we all love each other very much even if we have our lil annoyances.....haha
Soooooo Long story short.....(yeah right....its just gonna get longer) ;)
Robbie brought up the movie Star Trek and mentioned how good it was, so he suggested mom, Warren (my boyfriend for those of you who don't know and I go see it that night. (Need I remind you it was Sunday night.........) So I had Warren look up the times and there were only 7:25 pm and 10:00pm and seeing that by that time it was already 7:20pm.....we would have to settle for the 10:00pm spot.... With a little convincing on Warren's and my mom's side we all packed into our car and drove to the cinema. Need I mention that we were all thinking in our own heads that maybe we were making a big mistake, we went ahead anyway. :)
When we got there and I went up to buy Warren's and my tickets (buying his was part of the convincing him to go cuz he has to get up at 5 in the morning for work) I totally said the wrong movie and then was quickly corrected by my mom, Robbie and Warren. lol I guess they really wanted to see Star Trek! Geesh! lol
We all safely made it into the correct movie and we realized that we were the first and possibly only people that were gonna show up so we discussed for quite awhile which seats were the best and sat down. Still wondering why in the heck we were doing this to ourselves??!! lol
So after the next 4 people filed in for the movie and we all got done turning around and STARING at them....(which we finally caught ourselves doing.....and then that made us all laugh hysterically.....) because we were wondering who else was as crazy to be watching a movie that lasted 2 hours and started at 10:00pm on a Sunday night??? lol
Finally the lovely movie Star Trek started!!!! It was AWESOME!!! Well worth the late night and tiredness the next morning...... I would recommend that movie to anyone! I was never ever into the whole Star Trek thing and I liked it a lot! Anyway, it was a fun fun adventure with the fandamnily. I was very proud of my mom for doing it! Best mom ever!!! What a sport! :) Now once Transformers 2 comes out, we've gotta work on getting the belching grandma to see it! Hah! Wouldn't she love it??!! Not!!!!

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MissJody said...

First of all: Flippin' YAY! For having a blog my Jen-nae!!! :) I'm so proud of you and you hopefully will keep it up!
Second: I'm your first follower!!:)

And your post was so friggin' cute!
I can TOTALLY see you and your family doing this!Ha!
Star Trek? WHAAAAT? You kiddin' me? Jen, you have a secret fetish?
Your mom sounds fabulous! I wish a I got the wonderful chance to meet her! :)
You keep up your blog! I love it!
Yay for my Jen-nae!!!
I just heart you lil' lady!!