Thursday, June 25, 2009

Basketball Memories

This last Monday I got the chance to hang out with my old high school basketball coach, aka Grott and his "new" bball team. It's so funny that anytime we get the chance to see each other it's just like old times. :) Well, not exactly....back in high school I was usually on the receiving end of the jokes and now I get to join in with him as he makes fun of his new players. heheh MUCH better. :)
Just watching him coach his high school players and even getting the chance to shoot around with them and be used as an example for "good shooting form" lol was pretty cool. :) He had talked me up so much though that I was actually more nervous shooting then than I ever got while actually playing bball in high school...Sad I know...well that and I hadn't touched a bball in forever!!! lol
But yeah....being there at their basketball camp REALLY made me miss playing bball in high school......Well...not my senior year.....but we won't mention that......
Here are a few pics of me at State in Pendleton both my sophomore year and junior year and then some pics of my Central Linn Cobra team and I my sophomore year when we won the game to get us to State!! Boo-YAH!!!The top picture is of me my sophomore year....and with messed up but that other girl in the picture was HUGE!!!!!!! lol Let's not mention that we lost that game....uh hum....haha The second picture is my junior year....and I'm probably about to dribble off of my foot. :)After we won!!!! That was our first year of having our painted on Cobra!!! So it was fitting to lay on him after our victory,....haha I don't even know where I am in that pile.....
Me askin for the scissors so I could cut a piece of the net. I think I still have that somewhere....It looks like we only won by 2 points....thats a lil too close for my comfort....I can't even remember who we beat here....oh well
Wow....this brings back old team. :( This was some of the best memories of my life!!! I miss these girlys!!!!! This is minus my coach Grott.....
There he is! Lol Fun Fun year....I miss it....and I would do anything to be able to do it all over again. I'm totally comfortable with my decision of not playing college bball. It wouldn't have been the same as playing with these girls and playing for Grott. I do regret taking all of my bball years for granted. I miss them very much. Thank you guys for giving me some good high school memories!!!!!!


Andara said...

Awwww. I like this post. Man, it actually makes me miss playing JV basketball. Weird. :)
Love you,

Robbie said...

I was always so proud of you. I still have my copy of the top two pics. Oh wait, I'm STILL proud of you!

MissJody said...

I'm copying these pics and keeping them xoxox
You Rock! Check you out Miss JORDAN!! WOW!! You look tough missie! Love it!

Why don't you coach or something? You'd be great!!! :)
Ummm????? Your excuse is?????