Thursday, June 18, 2009

I give my LIFE to Orange Juice!!!!!!!!

This last week I haven't been feeling my usual cheerful, full of energy self! HA!! (yeah right??!!! Whoever really knows me knows I'm purty damn But honestly I had come down with some sorta cold this last week. The kind where you're laying up at night with snot dripping out your nose and having to sleep with Kleenex under your nose because you can't sleep otherwise. The kind of cold where the only way you can sleep is to pop some Nyquil pills!!! Which by the way ROCK!!!!! I love Nyquil when I'm sick! Lovely! I don't enjoy actually taking the capsules though cuz they're huge and they almost always get stuck sideways in my damn throat and I choke to death.....Don't appreciate that part too much.....
But the main part to this story is......that TADA!!!!!!!!!

Orange juice...........lovely stuff (whether it's real or Does wonders for me when I'm feelin the blues. I have probably drank about 4-5 of these suckers in the last few days and I honestly believe they have eased my suffering. :) Feel loads better!!! Thanks to Lovely Vitamin C!!!!!!!!! Oranges grow on a tree......then get plucked from that tree......then get squeezed.........and then get DRANK by ME!!!! YUM YUM!!!!!!!! I think I'ma go drink some more!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I LOVE YOU ORANGES!!!!!!!!! (my sinuses don't though! But who gives a damn???!!!)

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MissJody said...

Isn't it nice to have a sick-buddy?
I want to introduce you to my sick-buddy..

Me: Hi Jen. This is my sick-buddy.{patting my sick-buddy on his back}His name is "Airborne-night time".
"Airborne-night time this is my good dear best friend, Jen-nae. Be nice she's a doll! :)

You: Hi "Airborne-night time"

My sick- buddy: Hi "Jen-nae"

Me: I bet my sick-buddy could beat your sick-buddy up. :)
I hope your feeling better sweetie! Sending you flowers your way and a big huuuuuuuugggggg!!!