Monday, September 7, 2009

Coast Weekend

Last weekend my Warren Brew and I went to the coast to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. It's crazy we've been together for that long! Doesn't seem like it! :)
We stayed in a pretty nice (expensive) hotel that was RIGHT on the beach! Nice! Funny story though.... When we checked in, the receptionist told us pretty complicated directions. At least it was to me. It looked to me when she was explaining how to get to our room that it was gonna be on the TOP FLOOR!! BOO YAH!!! So I'm all excited rushing Warren along to hurry up and get to our fabulous room! We ride the elevator (like I thought the lady said to do) all the way to the 5th floor but when we're looking at the room numbers, they're reading 500 something.......and our room was in the 100's.........whoops.....SOOOO we ride the stupid elevator all the way back down to the stupid first floor..... We're still excited though cuz we're still close to the beach (Within walking distance). We first go to our sliding glass door to see the lovely view only to realize that we're definitely ground level and not only that but there is a huge volleyball sand area right in front of our room and there are a bunch of people walking around....UGH!!! lol Oh well, the jacuzzi tub and fireplace in the room made up for it. :) A very relaxing weekend. It was lovely spending that time with Warren. I love him very much and I'm glad we've been together as long as we have and I hope we have many many more anniversaries to spend together. :)


MissJody said... romantic!!!!What a gentleman! Your a wonderful woman with a wonderful man!
I'm so happy for you****
I bet you were grinning ear to ear with a big-ass grin all weekend and giggled the whole time, huh?
Your such a sweetie doll!!!

Miss-happypants said...

awwww, I know this was a long time ago, but it sounds like a great weekend. I hope you have a lifetime of memories together. :)