Monday, August 3, 2009

Bloody Mary Time!!! Boo-yah!!

Yesiree Bob Bloody Mary's are my all-time favorite!! You gotta have it with a lil spice, and then top it off with some green olives with garlic and some pickled asparagus or green
BUT!!!!!! The point of this blog is not about bragging about the goodness of Bloody Marys, it's about how good of a time I had at my dear friend Mindy's house! LOVED IT!!! Her mom has THE cutest, neatest place! I was very impressed! Our newest friend from Linn Vet, miss Kendra also came and I'm very glad she did! What a ball to be around!! These two ladies are a BLAST!!! :) We all had fun drinkin and laughin and talkin for quite awhile and then we got a lil adventurous. :) We all decided we'd go see some of Mindy's horses. :) The first thing I wanted to do was jump right on one!!! haha And that's what we all did. Well, Kendra needed a lil boost. hehe And that is not an easy task trying to coordinate that while we've been drinking. I kept trying to lift her before she was ready, and then she's be ready to jump before I was ready to help....but eventually it worked. lol So that was a lot of fun! And no one got hurt!!! Amazing!!! haha
Later that night...after more drinking...haha I wasn't feeling too Mindy and Kendra had a great idea!!! They said I needed to get into the cold "hot tub" and that would sober me up a bit. AND IT DID!!! It felt GREAT!!! but then I was soaked and cold so we went inside. But anyway, it was a complete blast, I hope we do it more often and I absolutely LOVEDDDDDD Mindy's mom! Freakin hilarious and sweet and SUCH a good host!!! Let us stay the night and fed us and didn't mind our loud rowdiness while she was trying to sleep... :( SORRY!!!!!! But she is a very sweet, kind lady. And she raised her daughter well cuz Mindy is just like her mommy! Sweet, funny, beautiful and outgoing! I had a lot of fun if you couldn't tell! :) Hope to do it again soon! Love ya girlys!!!

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MissJody said...

I told you...her Mom is the BOMB! How could you NOT like her?!
I {*Heart*} Her!

Ha! Ha! I'm so happy for you abd so glad that you guys are hitting it off so great! :)

I'm so happy you had a good time!! Boo-yah! Love it :)