Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fishin' and fryin'. Not a good mix.... :/

This last weekend, my dad invited Warren and I to go fishing and camping at Clear Lake. A GORGEOUS fishing area! The water is literally clear, you can see the fish swimming under your boat and it's just gorgeous landscape. It was GREAT fishing and GREAT weather! Warren and I were there for 2 days and everyone that fished those days caught their limit in less then like 3 hours! It was amazing! The BEST fishing we've probably had there! John, who is a HUGE fishing person was very pleased. :) We had people googling over all the fish we had caught, it was funny! It was just good family time. My mommy even came for a day and night and she laid out in the raft and soaked some sun. She's such a good sport. :)

We did take lots of pictures, but they are all on Dad's camera cuz Warren's batteries died in his within the first 5 So I don't have those pics yet to put up but once my dad has downloaded them I'll make an updated blog with those pics. :)

Ok...... I learned a VERY valuable lesson from this fishing trip. Always wear sunscreen. I'll let these pics explain.............

Man oh man have I learned my lesson.....I was stupid and wanted to get SOME sun to my legs and so I didn't wear sunscreen for all the hours we were on the lake....and man did I pay for it....I will forever regret making that mistake. :( I literally could not walk that next day after fishing it hurt so bad....I would burst out in tears cuz it would just be a sharp shooting pain all up my leg when I moved at all.....My knee totally swelled up and I couldn't bend it.....and then later I noticed my ankle on my left leg even got swollen...Just ridiculous. The WORST burn I've ever experienced. I have learned my lesson. Trying to work at a Vet's office with obnoxious dogs that throw themselves into you and whack you with their tails while your legs hurt like a son of a bitch SUCKS!!!! It took all of my strength to not just throw that dog halfway across the exam room to get it away from my legs!!! lol Normally that wouldn't have bugged me so much, but when my legs felt like fire, that was the last thing I wanted.....

The one and ONLY good thing that came out of an odd shaped tan and some AMAZING peeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me show you. :)

This is the BESTEST peel of my skin I've EVER gotten!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I actually kept this piece of skin to show Warren!!! HAHA!!! Man was he groused out!!!! I loved it!!! However....I got to peeling too much I think cuz my legs started hurting me again after I got done peeling.....Oh well. Way worth it. :)
All in all, it was a fantabulous trip and I just hope I don't get all wrinkly skinned from it. Next time.....I'm wearing sunscreen.....

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MissJody said...

Okay you've been reading my blog waaaay to oo long! Now your putting you skin peel pics on your blog! I lovce it! I hope I did not warp you my lil' one...OMG! You look soooo painful! I know how you feel, you know why I tan. I don't burn when I go in the sun. Daren knows exactly how you feel! You poor thing!
Oh man, I bet you wanted to kILL!!!! those dogs! OmG! I'm so sorry sweetie!
But I thought you guys went to Mindy's? HUH??? Now I'm confused???
But at least you had fun!
Oh, we put our trailer on Crag's list! One step closer to a boat! Yeah!!!!
I sure miss you and have a great day!