Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here ya go Jody True Who! This one's for you! :)

Jody True Who tagged me and according to the tagging process, I must do as she says! haha I guess I'm supposed to tell 10 different honest things about myself...let's see how this goes... lol

1. ok well let's see....I'm the type of person who would rather stay at home with my Warry Brew and just do absolutely nothing for a whole day but watch tv, read, be lazy....sleep Those days are wonderful. :) Everyone needs those days!

2. I miss having my horses....I miss just being able to saddle up and go ride for hours wherever I please. Sometimes I would just take off, no plans in my head, just want to ride and I'd be gone all day. It was wonderful. Just me and my horse. I realized how much I miss that when I was at Mindy's yesterday and we rode her horses....OK You can't really say we "rode" them technically. We just sat on them. lol

3. I've been worrying about my parents lately. I just want them both to be happy and I think I'm realizing that I don't have forever with them and I want to not take for granted the time I have with them. I love them both very much. :)

4. Speaking of family. I look up to my three older brothers very much. All for different reasons. Robbie- He has made his life very successful. He is amazingly smart and caring and sweet. Everyone that knows him loves him. I just want him to be happy with his work. I know it's stressful, but I just hope he hangs in there. He's already made SO much progress it's ridiculous and he should be proud of himself. :) Mike- If you know Mike, you know how great of a person he is and how great a personality he has. He can always make you laugh, even without trying. GREAT sense of humor! I just wish he would realize that he deserves so much and to never settle for anything. He is extremely smart and he's proven that at his job, I'm very proud with all that he's done there. John John- Johnny Boy, funny, outgoing, hilarious, always looking to entertain people and make them laugh. He's faced some hard times in his life and I really hope he can take the best from it and learn from it. I look up to him cuz he's very caring and always trying to please and make others happy. John John also deserves the best and I hope he gets it someday. I LOVE YOU BIG BROS!!!!!

5. I think Ive grown accustomed to work nowadays. I used to always really regret having to go back to work, like NOT WANT TO AT ALL because I didn't always feel confident in my abilities. Thanks to Jody True Who I feel a lot more confident in myself because she taught me so much. Dr. Braat says it all the time, "wow Jen, Jody really taught you well didn't she?" I agree 100%. Thanks so much Jody. Even though I absolutely miss you like crazy and still wish you were working with me, I thank you for being an amazing teacher to me and making my job easier and less stressful. I love you girly!

6. Ok this may be random, but I really really love tomatoes. lol I used to absolutely HATE them but nowadays sandwiches, burgers, salads, and whatever just aren't the same without tomatoes. :) Warren's and my plants are finally really starting to spit out tomatoes and they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

7. I'm very weird in the fact that I don't really like talking on the phone. I'm sure most people who know me have figured this out by now. but I'd MUCH rather text. Don't ask my why, but it's just how it is. I think with texting I'm able to keep doing what I was doing and still hold a conversation. Also, to go along with that, I hate having to call places on the phone. lol I always have Warren do it. :) It just makes me uncomfortable cuz I feel like I'm gonna screw up what I'm trying to say and they're gonna think I'm an idiot. lol Yeah....I

8. Every time I hold my kitties, the vet. tech in me comes out. lol I can't help but pick at them and look them over and just mess with them like we would at work. I know they probably hate me for it but it's just what I do. I can't help it. I hope and pray they stay healthy FOREVER and I never have to see them sick. Sometimes I actually picture them old and frail and it just makes me sad.... :( I hope they stay young for a long time!

9. Someday REAL soon I hope Warren and I can find a home together cuz I'm SICK of living in apartments. I'm sick of living in "town". I miss living in the country and being able to walk outside without having neighbors right there watching us and I miss not hearing car doors slam shut while I'm trying to sleep and I miss the sound of the crickets chirping at night and I just miss the freedom of living in the country. My dream is to have a home on the same property as my mom, grandma and aunt and uncle. That's where I grew up and I hope to someday live out there again. :)

10. I love my Warren Brewer very much. He's always making me smile. :) He has a great, sweet personality and he's very caring. I am so thankful that we found each other. I don't know what I'd do without him. I love you very much!!!!!!

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I would tag miss Jody True Who but she already did it! :) I guess she could always do it again! :) :)

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MissJody said...

What a wonderful-thought-out list Jen-nae!
I can see you talking the whole time, too! Swinging your arms and closing your eyes when you talk and then laugh and snort :) I can see it!!
Daren says "Whhhaaaatttt? " like you all the time and then says, " Like Jen-nae says it.." he always brings you and Warren up and how wonderful and great you two are! :)

That is a great List and I feel for ya when it comes to your parents...I looove my mommy so much and I call her all the time to see how she's doing...
And the vet tech. thing! Ha! Me too! It's hard to turn it off when you see random animals huh? I like start looking them over :)
Great list and Your Brothers sound wonderful (Big Heart) !!!