Monday, August 10, 2009

No more Creepy Loud Ass Neighbor!!!!

Sorry just had to get that out!!! I'm SOOO happy!!!
Warren had mentioned to me that our creepy loud neighbor that used to slam his door in the middle of the night numerous times, offered me food numerous times.....was just a plain old creepy man that we think was on drugs may have moved out a week ago but I wasn't ready to believe it then.....
UNTIL!!!!!!!!!! I was lugging in a bunch of groceries today and it took me 3 or 4 trips and I got to hear out apartment manager and the cleaning people talking about having to clean out his apartment.....I overheard them say on one trip that they found a BUNCH of change.....and they were all, "did he just forget it or something???"
And then on another trip I overheard them saying how one guy was trying to clean a nasty stain out of the bathroom and they didn't know what it was.....and they were all grossed out......
And THEN, yes I swear I heard all this in passing it was GREAT!!!
They were saying how there were holes in the walls they were trying to patch up and stains they were trying to cover up......yeah, I bet Warren and I heard him making those holes in the walls he was always SO damn loud!!! GAH!!!!!!!!
Anyway all in all I'm SOOO happy to be done with him!!! YAY!!! Now I'm just hoping we don't get someone even worse............... Fingers crossed!!! I don't think you can get much worse than him though......Anywhoodles, I'm off! Sorry I didn't have any pics of the creep to put on here! haha But you can ask my family, they'll vogue for me!! lol


MissJody said...

Yay for creepy-neighbor-giveaway!
Maybe he killed somebody?
Maybe he did something to somebody?
Go ask to manager and let me know!

Maybe all those sounds were him fighting with someone? Really?!! It could happen ! Did you tell the manager he was weird and slammed doors?

ooooooooooooohhhh! Let me know!

Robbie said...

So has anyone new moved in next to you guys yet?

Jen~nae said...

yeah..... they were kinda noisy at 1st with a drunken friend who tried taking our doormat.........but hopefully that doesn't become a weekend routine....hopefully that was their house warming party... lol